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Irepress – Cyette Phiur (Official Video)

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Created by Keenan Parry Mitchell and Alex Wilson
Check out our Vimeo as well:

Concept by
Benji Gram, Jarrett Ring, Alex Wilson, and Keenan Mitchell

Edited, Visual Effects, Co-Directed, and Co-Filmed by
Keenan Mitchell

Directed, Filmed, and Co-Edited by
Alex Wilson

Made With:
Final Cut Pro
Adobe After Effects

Shot on Canon HV20 with Jag35E 35mm lens adapter

Special thanks to the extras and those who helped out:
Noni Kai
Ben Stoppelman
Jimmy Carroll
Colt Mallett
Paul Gallagher
Lindsay Meredith
Anthony Liberti
Andrew Goldman
Joe Ford
Joe Pozerski
Anthony Locurto
That dude who’s name we didn’t get. Love yall.

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